Diana, Princess of Wales

July 1, 1961 - August 30, 1997

photos courtesy of CNN.


She was taken from a world that loved and admired her, far before her time, in a tragic and senseless accident. Diana was a great humanitarian, a compassionate and caring champion of those so much less fortunate than she, one who will be missed by not just her countrymen, but by all nations. My heart and compassion go out to her family, her friends, and most of all to her children, whose time with her was much too brief. May she rest in peace.

A memorial fund has been established in honor of Princess Diana. It will benefit the many charities and causes to which she dedicated so much of her life. If you are interested in contributing to this memorial, please click here for more details.

Selected Quotes:

"I always believed the press would kill her in the end. But not even I could imagine that they would take such a direct hand in her death as seems to be the case" Charles Spencer, Diana's Brother

 "We are profoundly saddened by this tragic event. We liked her very much. We admired her work for children, for people with AIDS, for the cause of ending the scourge of land mines in the world." President Clinton

 "(Diana's death) has robbed the world of a consistent and committed voice for the improvement of the lives of suffering children worldwide." U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan

 "She was very concerned for the poor. She was very anxious to do something for them. That is why she was close to me." Mother Teresa

 "I feel like everyone else in this country today. I am utterly devastated. She was the people's princess, and that is how she will remain in our hearts and our memories forever." British Prime Minister Tony Blair

 "We are shocked and saddened at the news of Princess Diana's tragic death. Our deepest sympathies go to her family, especially her children." former President Reagan and his wife, Nancy

 "(Diana was) a victim of an ever more brutal and unscrupulous competition of a part of the media. This terrible accident and her death should finally give those responsible in the media a reason to reflect." German Chancellor Helmut Kohl


Quotes from The Sacramento Bee newspaper, Monday, September 1, 1997


Photo from the Official Royal Website

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